Drama Queen Lashes

Drama Queen Lashes

Drama Queen Lashes had been working in the beauty industry for 8 years as a makeup artist I struggled to find lashes that were lightweight & more full. We decided to create a luxury brand of eyelashes that had an emphasis on both quality and affordability, as we believed the price of luxury strip eyelashes on the market was just too high!

Our aim is to provide the best quality Brazilian silk hair lashes whilst maintaining affordable prices. The average industry price for these is between £15 to £25 – this is simply not cost effective for most Make Up Artists!

Being in the beauty industry for such a long time, we know too well the importance of both cost and quality. We took on the challenge of rejuvenating the eyelashes market and after years of testing and researching, we are delighted to bring to you Drama in our Lashes.

Drama Queen Lashes take affordability and quality into consideration and also longevity as our lashes are reusable up to 15-30 times!

So far there has been Eye lashes, 2in1 Adhesive Eyeliner Pen, Foundation, 3D Foundation Brush, Mascara, Lip Glosses, DQ Marshmallaa BLENDER , DQ Makeup ERASER, Sculpted Eyebrow Pencil & Best Selling Mystery Boxs!

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