Bitco Med’s (British intelligent technologies) founder, Matt sade is a biomedical engineer with more than 15 years’ experience working in various medical and aesthetic fields.

Frustrations with existing equipment have led him to design and develop a sophisticated yet simplified and affordable modular system for non- surgical fat removal, skin tightening, rejuvenation, cellulite treatment and face lifting.

Historically, aesthetic machines had one technology which was designed to treat one condition very well. These machines were usually manufactured by very reputable companies often which had developed the technology or were market leaders. Good examples are Zeltiq, Ulthera, Liposonix, etc.

There is no any doubt about their quality or their results however the down side is affordability and limitation to one treatment with each machine.

Clinics had to pay a premium cost for the equipment resulting in higher treatment cost for their clients. On the other hand, as one machine had only one type of treatment, clinics had to invest in more machines and have higher overhead cost or remain limited on their treatment range.

In recent years however, some other companies had started to mix different technologies in one system and offer very low prices on their equipment which comes with other costs and sacrifices.

Obviously as clinics can now buy one machine which has multiple functions with a relatively low price, they can offer various range of treatments at affordable prices, however to achieve this low price, a lot of characteristics of technologies have been cut, meaning that the results will be varied, counter interaction between parts can cause a lot of problems and lead to a high rate of breakdowns.

There is an old phrase amongst engineers which if a system is supposed to do various jobs, it would do none properly.

At Bitco Med, the challenge in front of us was to design and develop a multifunctional system in which each technology works perfectly but has an affordable price and rectifies common problems present in cheap and usually poor designed machines.

The goal was to create a masterpiece with high quality build and medically appropriate for use on the human body. That’s where the medical engineering comes into play.

The Response was to develop a modular system with absolutely independent technologies in each module which they work stand-alone from other parts and technologies in the whole system.

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